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Welcome to Bannermans, Edinburghs original, and best, live music and whisky bar. Not only do we pride ourselves in bringing you the best music in town, 6 nights a week, we also take great pride in the atmosphere we provide for all our customers who come in for a drink. We like our customers to feel right at home! Situated in the vaulted caves of the historical Old Town, the building in which Bannermans is built is full of character and history. Chat with the locals or bar staff, theyll tell you a ghost story or two! From midday (12.30pm on Sundays) you can come and play a game of pool (free until 6pm everyday) or darts, listen to your favourite tune on our you tube juke box, have a bite to eat or simply enjoy the friendly banter with the bar team and regulars. And of course, more importantly, sample some of the great range of drinks we have on offer!


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