About Us

The Back Story

What's On Pubs started off as an idea in 2013 when it's creators, Kevin & Dave, would discuss going to local pubs to watch bands play and indulge in their passion for music. However knowing if local pubs had music on those nights was a pain as their weren't any websites that would list small pubs and so they would have to call the venues to esquire as to whether live music would be played that night. This resulted in many nights out with either no music or not even going as they didn't want to waste time going to the pub and finding out their was no live music.



Kevin came up with the idea for the website and pitched it to Dave who was an aspiring Programmer/Developer. They both realised that this would be something that would help solve their issue of finding live music at local pubs and so development on the website began. A few different versions of the website were built but none of them lived up to the expectations of the pair and so they agreed to "shelve" the idea until such time that it could be developed to full extent with all desired features. In late 2015 that time came and the website started making progress again with Dave starting from scratch with a blank database and 0 lines of code. Today we have the website you are currently using.



In the coming future the What's On Pubs team plan on bringing out an APP for ios and Android to help people find pubs with events on easier whilst on the move. Also we plan to keep filling our database with pub events and we believe this will happen by offering the system to be used by all UK and Irish pubs for free.